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[marquee=scroll|left|3]*********WELCOME TO TED'S WORK FORUM**** Those applying for an Independent Contractor  position will need to ((((((((((REGISTER USING YOUR FIRST NAME AND LAST NAME.)))))))) I WILL NOT APPROVE YOU to enter this secured site unless I can identify you.  **** Those that have registered using other than your name are being removed*****((((((USE YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME WHEN REGISTERING)))))))))WE ARE CONTRACT LABOR. THIS IS FOR ALL LEVELS OF GUARDS. THERE IS NO OVERTIME PAY, HOLIDAY PAY, VACATION PAY, AND ETC. THAT IS THE REASON WE FILL OUT AN INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR FORM****
****Police Officers******  **********Armed Independent Contractor guards(Police Officers)  All work shifts will be approved by Keith Denning (817-727-2530)
****Civilian guards*********Each site has a place to report incidents. We have not done this in the past and not reporting them makes it hard to justify security- Report any incident occuring and any Suspecious Vehicles or Persons****
********DO NOT LET THE NEWS MEDIA INTO OUR SITES AND DO NOT GIVE INTERVIEWS ((((((((Call me immediaely if anyone is taking photos or filming the Chesapeake sites that you are working))))))))))))))************** Guards can be assigned to any of the sites at any time to benefit the Clients *************** All assignments are subject to immediate change **********************************((((((((((POST YOUR WORK SHIFTS OR YOU WILL NOT BE PAID))))))))))))))) *********************[/marquee]